Hiab Hose On Demand

 07/12/2017  Joseph Powton


The hoses you need, right when you need them


Hydraulic hoses form a critical lifeline of your Hiab equipment. They go through harsh wear and tear and can suffer from aggressive operating environments. A failed hydraulic hose means expensive downtime. But settling for a quick replacement option that’s readily available can be costly in the long run. Now all that’s a thing of the past.

With hoses on demand, you don’t have to settle. You can be sure you get a genuine, Hiab hydraulic hose with the quality assurance you’ve come to expect from Hiab. Choose from 72-hour, next day or even 8-hour order to ship. No matter how urgent your need is, your spare part hose will be backed by our 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Nothing beats a Hiab original hose

Only Hiab original hydraulic hoses ensure the highest quality and safety. They’re purpose-built for your Hiab equipment. And designed to withstand the rigours of everyday workload in extreme environments. Following routine inspections always insist on Hiab OEM replacement. Hiab hydraulic hoses give you have peace of mind; you know that you have installed the correct specification with full backup and support you’ve come to expect from Hiab.


  • Delivery services that meet your needs
  • Correct specification for pressure and bend radius
  • Guaranteed to fit
  • Made in a quality controlled factory environment
  • 3-year warranty